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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bush’s Social Security Bamboozlepalooza and Why are We Paying for It?

So, just how much is this extravaganza costing tax payers, and why isn’t someone finding out? This Barnstorming of the President, “60 days over 60 states,” with hand picked audiences, is a marketing ploy to sell Bush's Privatization of Social Security (and the destruction of the New Deal) on tax payer’s dollars and time.

Oh, that's right I forgot, no checks and balances as all three of the branches of goverment are in the control of the GOP!

Okay, so we haven’t any evidence of attendees having to swear to “Our Leader” in writing, or having to raise their hands and swear to “Our Leader” verbally at these rallies like we did in the Bush/Cheney Campaign. But, the structure appears to be the same.

There have been repeated reports of folks who haven’t signed the allegiance pledge to “Our Leader” being ejected from the “Town Hall Meetings” which are “Conversations with the President on Social Security.” And these folks have been removed for the skimpiest of reasons. I guess being a citizen is not enough of a reason to attend a rally with your President of all the people, not just some of the people?

David Sirota has a good piece on the cost to democracy of these “Goebbels” like staged events.

And it is costly, not just in dollars, but in democratic ideals.

Why is the American Pubic putting up with this?

Is there Soma out there and I don’t know about it? Were Huxley and Orwell right?

Okay, so many folks seem to think that the Soma is TV. I don’t watch commercial TV much, so I wouldn’t know. But, from what I hear, Soma, as in Reality TV, or whatever Americans like, is definitely out there.

Are we a bunch of idiots or what?

As one who believes in universal suffrage (unlike the GOP), I now have to ask myself: should there be a test to vote and just how invested is the corporate media in keeping the public in an infantile state?


Blogger David R. Mark said...

With regard to the “Town Hall” meetings on privatization, someone please explain this: In Bakersfield and Reno, Cheney faced only friendly questions, and you can read them on whitehouse.gov in their entirety if you want to "educate" yourself on the virtues of privatization. But whitehouse.gov isn't interested in offering a dissenting Republican view in Battle Creek, or even the healthy Q&A that occurred in Pittsburgh. Those transcripts are unavailable.

David R. Mark

5:50 PM  
Blogger Andros said...

The weird thing is that Bush says Social Security is in trouble, but he also admitted that his plan (no one has seen the details) won't fix s.s.! His ownership society is about the haves and havenots.
Bush and his clique (and the elite of the Democratic party) won't have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

10:12 PM  

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