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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Call to U.S. Citizens Who Care about this Country.

Where are the US citizens who care about this country? That is the question that makes me crazy!

Are we so uninformed as a citizenry that we don’t’ know what is going on? What about the social security debate? Do we want to eliminate the new deal and turn everyone’s future over to the “free-market,” which recently tanked?

How about Iraq and the war on terror? Is it okay that we are engaging in torture and rendering folks to countries that we consider our enemies?

What about the deficits? Do most Americans think that giving the upper-class a free ride is okay and that mortgaging the country’s future for their benefit is morally right? What exactly is the policy reason or moral reason that unearned income should be taxed at a lower rate, or no rate, than earned income? No one has yet been able to explain this to me other than that it will expand savings. But, as the past two years have shown, this is not factual. The savings rate is at an all time low, though corporate profits are at an all time high.

The spread between the wealthy and the middle class is widening. Risk is being moved more to the shoulders of the worker class and lessened on the corporate class.

We have record deficits, which the PRC are financing and threatening the U.S. with economic consequences regarding policy decisions by the U.S. The PRC is threatening to dump all of its U.S.Treasury Notes if the U.S. doesn't do what they want with their demands on the Taiwan situation. This sounds scary as China is the major financier of the U. S. Debt.

Those who are in charge in Washington are not Republicans or Conservatives. They do not hue to either of those sets of principles or philosophies. They are Corporatists. They do not believe in America, the U.S. of A., they merely believe in their bottom line, and this Administration is doing their work.

As our jobs are being outsourced, so are our values. Folks no longer have pensions. Folks no longer have a stable relationship with their employer. As workers are being downsized the CEO’s are reaping disproportionate rewards. The corporate bottom line is what is most important.

And it seems that the corporate bottom line, and this administration’s, is a government that doesn’t regulate corporate behavior or care about patriotism and the future of the US of A. We have tort reform to protect corporations, but no corporate reform to protect citizens. We have an immoral bankruptcy bill that gouges the middle class and poor, but protects the wealthy and the banking industry that has handed out credit to dogs.

Okay, so I have said some of it!

And I didn’t even go into the whole Faux News and propaganda thing!

Nor, did I go into the whole proto-fascism and religious thing!

All I did was touch on the light subjects.

I am bereft. Where is the Citizenry?

"What is the Matter with Kansas? " Exactly!


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