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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Have you Signed this Letter Yet?

Rep. Conyers wants the Administration to answer questions raised by the “Downing Street Memo” which was exposed in the Sunday Times on May 1st. I believe that every patriotic American should sign this letter to promote Freedom and Democracy in the United States.

United States Representative John Conyers, Jr., a Detroit Democrat, was re-elected in November 2002 to his nineteenth term in the U. S. House of Representatives, winning 93 percent of the vote in Michigan's Fourteenth Congressional District. The district covers all of Highland Park and Hamtramck, as well as large portions of Detroit and Dearborn. In addition, due to recent Congressional redistricting, the Down River communities of Melvindale, Allen Park, Southgate, Riverview, Trenton, Gibraltar, and Grosse Ile Township are also part of the 14th District.

Here is the letter and the link to sign on to the quest for answers as to why the United States invaded another sovereign country on what appears to be fabricated intelligence:

Letter to Pres Bush Concerning "Downing Street Memo"

The Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005

Dear Mr. President:

We the undersigned write to you because of our concern regarding recent disclosures of a “Downing Street Memo” in the London Times, comprising the minutes of a meeting of Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top advisers. These minutes indicate that the United States and Great Britain agreed to by the summer of 2002 to attack Iraq, well before the invasion and before you even sought Congressional authority to engage in military action, and that U.S. officials were deliberately manipulating intelligence to justify the war.

Among other things, the British government document quotes a high-ranking British official as stating that by July, 2002, “Bush had made up his mind to take military action.” Yet, a month later, the you stated you were still willing to “look at all options” and that there was “no timetable” for war. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, flatly stated that “[t]he president has made no such determination that we should go to war with Iraq.”

In addition, the origins of the false contention that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction remains a serious and lingering question about the lead up to the war. There is an ongoing debate about whether this was the result of a “massive intelligence failure,” in other words a mistake, or the result of intentional and deliberate manipulation of intelligence to justify the case for war. The memo appears to resolve that debate as well, quoting the head of British intelligence as indicating that in the United States “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

As a result of these concerns, we would ask that you respond to the following questions:
1) Do you or anyone in your administration dispute the accuracy of the leaked document?
2) Were arrangements being made, including the recruitment of allies, before you sought Congressional authorization to go to war? Did you or anyone in your Administration obtain Britain’’s commitment to invade prior to this time?
3) Was there an effort to create an ultimatum about weapons inspectors in order to help with the justification for the war as the minutes indicate?
4) At what point in time did you and Prime Minister Blair first agree it was necessary to invade Iraq?
5) Was there a coordinated effort with the U.S. intelligence community and/or British officials to “fix” the intelligence and facts around the policy as the leaked document states?

These are the same questions 89 Members of Congress, led by Rep. John Conyers, Jr., submitted to you on May 5, 2005. As citizens and taxpayers, we believe it is imperative that our people be able to trust our government and our commander in chief when you make representations and statements regarding our nation engaging in war. As a result, we would ask that you publicly respond to these questions as promptly as possible.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Here is the link: http://www.johnconyers.campaignoffice.com/index.asp?Type=SUPERFORMS&SEC={0F1B03E0-080B-4100-B143-36A5985EF1E3}

For those of you haven't yet read the actual memo here is the link:


It is not a pretty picture of the United States of America's Administration and Newsweek had nothing to do with it.

Why aren't the American public outraged?


Blogger Watch 'n Wait said...

Yes. Signed it soon as I saw it.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Watch 'n Wait said...

Believe me, Tuli, I couldn't sign Conyers letter fast enough. And as for patriot...thank you, coming from one.

1:27 AM  

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