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Friday, April 29, 2005

Counting the Cost!

Listen up folks!

Ralph, at Newsfare.com (one of my favorite sites for info on the energy crisis), has posted the link to the Counting the Cost campaign. Here is a blurb:
We are entering the third year of the war in Iraq.

Increasingly, many Americans believe that the war is over. They think that relatively few civilians and soldiers have died. They think that U.S. interests and Iraqi interests are best served by the continued occupation of Iraq.

This is not the reality. We now know that over 100,000 Iraqi citizens have died since the beginning of the war. Over 1,500 U.S. soldiers have died. Countless others have been wounded and maimed. And, although the pictures are not shown on TV, large numbers of Iraqi citizens and U.S. soldiers continue to die.

Let’s tell the truth about the war and continuing occupation in Iraq.

You can purchase a number of a casualty through this campaign, for a measly $10.00, and proudly display it on May 15. I think that it is a “reality-based” idea.

The U.S. public is very misinformed as to the devastation and human cost of this disastrous Mess-O-Potamia. William Rivers Pitt has a very informative piece in Truthout that lays out how the media and administration are keeping “Hostile Information” and the horrors of war from the public to protect our delicate sensibilities.

We need to make the reality of this war evident. Please participate and really support our troops!


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