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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Lesson for the FBI and the CIA?

So, the second in command at the FBI was Deep Throat! This should be a lesson to those at the FBI and the CIA. If the government is out of control, as W.Mark Felt felt, then the bureaucrats and operatives who know this have a patriotic duty to come forth. Otherwise the Republic is endangered.

Where are those patriotic bureaucrats and operatives today?



Blogger Andros said...

This White House has been the most secretive... it has picked people for various positions not based on their qualifications or skills but for their allegiance to the man in charge and to the conservative agenda. Thus, everything else is sacrificed, even if it's the rule of law and personal integrity.

Even Collin Powel who was uncomfortable with the ridiculous "evidence" about Iraq, nevertheless he went along in the deception.... Even now, he hasn't come out to acknowledge the facts.... not even after the Downing Street memo became public....that the US gov. had already decided to go to war and fix the "facts" a year before the invasion!

Has anyone in the Bush gov. admitted the truth yet?...

Do you honestly believe that there are any patriots in the Bush administration to blow the whistle on the wrong-doers? Don't hold your breath waiting for them to surface....
Being a patriot means that you care for America at large......

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