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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rove, Just a Player?

I am beginning to think that Rove may be a subject of the Grand Jury Inquiry, but not the target. Now, I know that there is a lot of speculation out there as to where Fitzgerald’s inquiry is going. And I have to admit I was squarely on the Rove did it bandwagon, who wouldn’t be? But I have now come to the opinion, and it seems that there are others in the blogosphere who are looking elsewhere as well, that he is just a player, albeit a central one.

I love mysteries, and just like most lawyers, I read them to get the clues and put together the evidence and figure out who done it. Well, most often I can figure it out half way through the book. But, I must read to the end to see if I am right. And, I usually am.

So, that said, I took a wild turn on Thursday when an article appeared in the WAPO in which the ever lovable, and totally credible Douglas Feith (Mr. Cherry Picker of intelligence himself) was interviewed.

The top policy adviser to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says the Bush administration erred by building its public case for war against Saddam Hussein mainly on the claim that he possessed banned weapons.

The comment by Douglas J. Feith, in an interview with The Associated Press, is a rare admission of error about Iraq by a senior administration official. Feith, who is leaving after four years as the undersecretary of defense for policy, said he remains convinced that President Bush was correct in deciding that war against Iraq was necessary.

So, why would Feith come out now and want to push back on the WMD angle on Iraq and why exactly we went to war? What is with the Mea Culpa? Okay, so we never found any WMD, but a lot of folks before the war knew that anyway, oh yes, and Ambassador Joseph Wilson would have been one of those folks.

At the very bottom this whole Plame/Rove/Breach of National Security Scandal, looking for an appropriate “gate” name, is about the WMD and why we are in Iraq, which an inordinate amount of Americans bought into.

And who pushed that rational more than anyone else: why that would be Vice President Dick Cheney!

And who is Dick’s candidate for U.N. Ambassador who worked in the State Department on WMD proliferation: why that would be Bolton. And it appears that the Senators in Bolton's confirmation hearing have presented the Whitehouse with a list of American Citizens whose communications were being monitored by Mr. Bolton at the State Department and that the Whitehouse has refused to turn over those communications.

What kind of odds can I get that Valerie Plame/Wilson’s name is on that list? And who would be in a better place to know about CIA folks working on WMD proliferation than someone tasked with the same issue at State?

Now this is all speculation, isn’t it always, but I say, and I am sure that this communication isn’t “double secret” anything, that Bolton may have told some reporter who could be expected to carry the administrations water. Shall we say a NYT’s reporter who had a history of reliably doing this, with either the memo produced by state one month prior to Ambassador Wilson’s OP-ED piece, or phone conversations after Wilson told his story on the pages of the Gray Lady.

So, like I said this is pure speculation, but the road from Cheney to Bolton to a reporter, and Rove and Libby’s willingness to confirm the allegations seem really pretty basic to me. Now I am not saying that Rove and Libby aren’t involved, they are players and Rove may have even setup the sting, but they are not the big cheese!

However, it all rests in the Grand Jury and Fitzgerald’s hands.

Cheese with that Ham Sandwich, anyone?

Oh yeah, and go read Billmon.


Blogger Andros said...

You sleuth! I think there are great clues in the judge's comments...
"the plot against Wilson," "serious crime committed," etc.

What's a good mystery without sex? Where does this fit here? Well, may I throw in a name, like Jeff Gannon a.k.a. Guckert.... He was also "in the know" regarding Plame! I wonder with whom he was/is(?) sleeping in the White House...

It's hot here in NY... Can I have a cold drink with my ham & cheese sandwich?

1:52 PM  
Blogger The Husband said...

this whole karl rove thing seems shady to me...and i'm a republican. nice blog...keep up the good work!

2:57 PM  
Blogger Tuli said...

Dear Andros:

Your posts are poetic, so you get to drink anything you want with your ham and cheese sandwich. And because it is sweltering here in NYC you should have Ice Tea, or Lemonade, but never any Coors! And I am saying that because I have always been in charge. NO COORS!

Oh, and stop making sarcastic remarks about me!!!!

Regards, Tuli

8:49 PM  
Blogger Andros said...

Hey Tuli, you rule here! If this site doesn't dispense Coors, it's OK by me! Your posts are refershing, like a nice tall sweating glass of Long Island Iced Tea!

Please give us more!

It's sweltering out there but having cool thoughts and cool people around definitely helps. Yet, sometimes a little hot chilly pepper is necessary to bring out the flavor!


12:43 AM  
Blogger Gothamimage said...

Tuli- come and check out my recent Rove post and make sure to click on the link to Judge Tatel's opinion that I have in the body of my post.

The opinion is 80 some pages and it contains many interesting angles that have not receieved much media attention.


2:30 PM  

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