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Monday, July 11, 2005

Rove, What a Shame!

If he isn’t hung out to dry, or as Joe Wilson, famously said, “frog marched out of the White House,” it will be a shame and a sham. This interaction with poor Scott McClellan isn’t a pretty picture. But, who thought it would be? We all knew that Karl, the Architect, was behind the whole endeavor, so why would we be surprised?

The question is now that the plan has been exposed, what will the Bush Administration do? And more importantly, what will the American Public do?????

When will the American Public figure out that this Administration could care less about National Security?!? This is just another example.

Okay, so you need to read the Billmon.


Blogger Andros said...

More often it's the coverup that's more damaging!

The time has come for us to ask, "When did the president know?".....

12:48 PM  

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