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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stop the Presses: Bush to Investigate His Own Failure!

In Washington, President Bush said he would lead an investigation into the response to Hurricane Katrina, and the Senate's Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs announced hearings to probe failures in dealing with the storm and its aftermath.

"What I intend to do is . . . to lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong," Bush said after meeting with his Cabinet in the White House. "It's very important for us to understand the relationship between the federal government, the state government and the local government when it comes to a major catastrophe.”

President Bush, I am sure, is vowing to get to the bottom of who exactly okayed hiring Michael Brown, the former fired commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association, to be the head of FEMA. He, I am sure, is vowing to get to the bottom of who in his administration is behind downgrading FEMA, cutting their budget, and canceling the whole SELA project put in place by President Clinton.

I am comforted that he will want to know why when Governor Blanco, only told him on August 26th, the Thursday before a predicted historic natural disaster category 5 hurricane hit NOLA on the following Monday, he had no idea and neither did his administration know that a disaster (which had been predicted for years and FEMA held a practice for in 2004) was going to hit NOLA, which lead him to stay on vacation while American Citizens died.

I am comforted that President Bush will be finding out exactly why his administration is behind this ghastly Grover Norquist program of shrinking government (until it can be drowned a bathtub) which lead to all of those innocents who drowned, along with an entire City, in NOLA.

Now, I am comforted by this because President Bush has gotten to the bottom of so many other investigations and scandals in his administration.

After all, Mr. Bush has been right up front and had successful investigations which have resolved so many other scandals in his administration.

His successful investigations to date have revealed why his administration paid no attention to repeated warnings about the terrorist attacks which resulted in 9/11. Oops maybe not!

Another of his successful investigations revealed why there has been no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and no accountability for the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction, which is the reason we are in a failed war in Iraq. Oh, that’s right Mr. Tenant, who took the bullet for this fiasco was rewarded with the Freedom of Metal Award. Okay so not so successful.

And then there is the failed prosecution of this War in Iraq and so Gen. Franks likewise got a Freedom of Medal Award and Rumsfeld is still in charge with no strategy, forward or exit. We all know that this hasn't worked out very well.

Then of course we have the Plame/Treason gate investigation, which the President vowed to get to the bottom of. What do we know so far, well Karl Rove, the Bush Brain, is a leaker, of most likely classified information, and so is Scooter Libby, Cheney’s chief of staff. And the President’s vowed desire to get to the bottom of these two investigations has gotten no where.

And we all know how the Abu Ghraib investigations turned out.

So, yes I am so comforted that President Bush is going to investigate another one of his administrations failures and scandals.

What does comfort me is that Governor Blanco of Louisiana has hired the last actual professional we had at FEMA, James Lee Witt, to assist her as we really do move forward from this predicted disaster.

Thank heaven someone has figured out what went wrong.


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Blogger Deb said...

Those damn anonymous spammers are out of control...here there and everywhere.

just like the useless, greedy neocons pretending to run OUR government.

Good article. thanks

10:54 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...

The whole thing reminds me of the this image of President Bush investigating himself.


1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Tuli said...


As always brilliant!


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