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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Let Us Not be Good Germans!

Ray McGovern, of the VIPS, makes a compelling argument for our speaking and acting out. Frankly, it has been said before that doing evil is not the only evil, but that apathy is the real evil. I don’t remember where that quote came from but this quote by Sewell puts it in perspective. “Good men did nothing and evil triumphed because much of America, like me and my buddies, were too young, idealistic, and ignorant or naïve to understand what was happening. What evil awaits us if we do nothing about evils inflicted on others? Apathy is evil.”

Let us put our apathy on the back burner and get out there folks. We have nothing to lose but our souls.

This country is at a crossroads. Do you accept torture as right? Do you support this administration lack of support for our troops? Do you support the repeal of civil liberties? Do you support incarcerating American Citizens without charges? Most importantly do you Support the Bill of Rights? Or do you support American Eceptionalism and that anything done in the name of the U.S.A. is moral?

My nephew went to the Holocaust Museum recently and was appalled not by the outcome of the Holocaust, but the lead up to the Holocaust. He was horrified at the “baby steps” that took Germany there. These are the same “baby steps,” he sees as a 26 year old brown skin male, that are taking the United States of America there today.

When a Gold Star Mother is vilified by the American Government for speaking out about the war-of-choice which killed her son, our Country is headed in the wrong direction.

What are you doing to be a Bad German and change the direction this Country is hurtling toward?

What are you doing to save your soul?


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