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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bob Woodward: the Junkyard Dog.

Last night I caught a rerun of Bob Woodward on the Larry King Show as a panelist talking about the implications of indictments and the investigation. Woodward has completely gone over to the dark side. I simply could not believe my ears. He even accused the Special Prosecutor of being a junkyard dog!

The journalist who exposed the underside of the Nixon Administration is now a “journalist” who is rabidly, and busily, propping up an Administration that makes Nixon’s look like criminal lite.

R.J. Eskow over at HuffPost has a good take on this and it is well worth the read. Eskow lays it at the feet of profiteering.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that this “journalist” is no longer interested in unearthing the truth.

I hear there are openings at FOX.

And did I mention that Bob Woodward is a card carrying member of the “Liberal Press?”


Blogger Ralph said...

Tuli, I think you have an excellent point. I'm also disappointed to hear this kind of stuff coming out of Bob Woodward's mouth. But we could have concluded quite a while ago that he was compromised by writing that first book about W, that "Bush at War" book. Then Woodward says, "... you know, again, these are human beings. And what distresses me, is you know, so and so might be indicted, so and so is facing..."

So Woodward is basically worried that his friends are going to be indicted. And that's natural. Anyone would be upset if a friend were going to be indicted.

The problem from our point of view is that Bob Woodward should not be friends with these people. And he obviously is. And that is a tremendous weakness, because he has apparently lost his objectivity. He doesn't even realize that these friends of his are doing terrible things to our country, to his country.

So, we cross Bob Woodward off our list of trusted people. Unfortunate but true. Think how many have been corrupted. Why they were apparently so easy to corrupt escapes me. But what can we do about it except move on and keep trying?

On the other side, David Gergen, who has an incredibly mixed background, was very clear about the seriousness of all this, I thought. So that's a big plus.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

Also, I just linked to this post from a comment on Daily Kos:


in the story


10:52 PM  

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