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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Election Process as Bar Exam!

I often hear from folks that all politicians are crooks, etc. This takeover of the Congress has revived many arguments about how we shouldn’t be overly thrilled about throwing out the Repub bums and installing the Dem bums. Now, I have worked for Politicians and I have to admit that many of those that I have supported, and worked for, were deeply flawed human beings. As a generalization they are often possessed of an overly deluded sense of ego and ideology.

Now, I don’t so much object to the idea of having an ideology as it often reflects a philosophical bent. That ideology gives you a look into the soul of the politician is, I think, a window into the policies of any individual politician and I welcome that. I am not even going to go into the fact that some politicians actually do not believe or practice what their “ideology and philosophical beliefs” are. But, the delusional sense of self-importance, and ego, seems to be the rule and I find that problematic.

I have often said that anyone who wants to be President is someone that ipso facto you should not vote for. I believe that anyone who believes that they have what it takes to lead the “Free World” is someone who is seriously flawed, if not demented. Where would someone get the idea that they are better equipped, or more morally grounded, that they are the “One” to lead the “Free World?”

Now this also plays out in local, state, and nationally elected officials. Some politicos, of course, to a greater extent than others, fall into this category. There are those politicians who actually are about public service (and maybe actually start out this way) but to a great extent (anecdotally, of course) most believe that they have the answers that if only implemented would solve the world’s problems. I often suffer from the same disease, but then I am not so deluded as to run for political office (much to the chagrin of many of my friends). I actually know that I am a flawed human being. I am liberal, conservative and not much on certitude. I am a grey type of person. I guess I am into nuance!

So, how does this play out in the electoral system that is the U.S.A.? Well, we have a “First Past the Post” system. This means that like the Bar Exam you don’t get to vote for the right answer or candidate, you should be choosing the least wrong answer or least wrong candidate. This was one of the problems that I had to overcome in the Bar Exam. It was a tough lesson, but one well learned, and thankfully on the first try.

On the Bar Exam, the Multi-State part, you don’t get to pick the right answer as defined by law. You have to pick the least wrong answer as defined by law in the “Big Six” areas. It wasn’t until I came to grips with this reality that I truly understood our Electoral System in the U.S.A.

So, when faced with those who actively support tyranny in the political and governing sphere it is imperative that you vote for, and support, those who are the least likely to impose tyranny as a way of governing.

Sad to say folks, but that is our choice and what our system requires. So, that said, there are many candidates who won on Tuesday that I am philosophically opposed to, and given a “Perfect Union” I would have never celebrated their election to office. But, given our “First Past the Post Electoral System” I will celebrate as they are the least wrong answer that is our Electoral “Bar Exam” Test!

So until we get to the “Higher Ground” of being able to elect politicians who are “Perfect” we just have to do as Stevie Wonder says, “Keep on Trying.”



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