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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Learn Something New Everyday.

Now this painting by Jacques-Louis David of Bonaparte crossing the Alps resides on my refrigerator. It was given to me in the form of a magnet by a guy I know who knew I was into horses, and refrigerator magnets, and I suppose knew instinctively that I was also a cheese eating surrender monkey (I don’t drink lattes usually.) So, because it is iconic it sits on my fridge next to my Skippy (Skip Away) magnet and my Hotel del Coronado (Del Mar) magnet. Both of which are icons in the horse biz.

Now on Friday, our second day of the festival that is our Thanksgiving, two folks were late to the festivities. They came with the excuse that they were held up at the Brooklyn Art Museum due to the crowd (they went to see Annie Leibovitz and Ron Muek) and then of course they had to bake an apple pie. Well at first I wasn’t having any of it. But, then we surfed the site and I saw the Ron Muek video. Wow!

And then Irshad’s mother saw the Bonaparte magnet and told me about a painting that Irshad was mesmerized by at the Museum.

And that is where this painting by Kehinde Wiley comes in.

Wow, again! Wiley is so young. Jacques-Louis David was 53 when he painted his iconic piece. Wiley is only 29 as we speak (or read as the case may be), and I think this piece he has produced is iconic indeed.

I think that this painting is loaded with meaning and timeliness. I am overwhelmed by it.

I love the Persian background.

What do you think?

Martha is right, learn something new everyday. It's a good thing! And it can even be an excuse for being unbelievably late to a social function and obligation.

Of course, bringing one of the best homemade apple pies doesn’t hurt either.


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