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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Andros Gets it Right

Over at Liberal Citizen Andros points out that the purpose of the “New and Improved”
FISA bill now pending is to cover up for this Administration’s Illegal behavior. So why has Obama voiced his support for it. Is it just a craven tack to the Right for the General Election or could he actually believe in Immunity for Illegal Behavior by the Administration and the Telecoms? We know that McSame does!

And yes the last time I looked the 4th Amendment hadn’t been repealed. But I have been keeping my eye on it!


Blogger Andros said...

Obviously I've made it very clear through my blog that I'm suppoting Sen. Obama. He'll be a great, superb improvement over the current regime and its extension--McCain.

However, I'm not surrendering my right to criticize Obama when necessary.

This has also a practical effect: The progressives need to speak up, to create a place for a leader to move into, because, let's face it, if there's no political room for a leader to be in, he won't move into such direction in all likelihood.

Anyway, the telcos is only a piece of the puzzle. I'd like to see all legal trespasses by BushCo come to light in the near future. We should really understand the past if we seek not to repeat the mistakes in it.

I hope that soon we'll look back to the last 8 years as a dark era of American history--one that many Americans helped create by voting for Bush, the Republicans and not standing more firmly to protect our civil liberties.

Thank you for the reference.

PS>did you get my email with Rev. Billy's regards for you?

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