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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bush: Clueless on America’s Future!

Or is it part of the plan? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the GOP Elite is so out of touch with how their policies affect actual folks. Why would they care? It isn’t as if it affects them negatively.

February 28 of this year.

To quote many in this Administration: “No one could have seen that coming?” Except, of course, it was predicted.

This “spike” in gas prices has riled O’Reilly:

BillO is off the Repub Talking Points here. So my question is: Bill O’Reilly: Populist or Marxist? I am not saying, I am just saying!

Here is Michael Moore, BillO’s nemesis, on the subject with Larry King:

Also, see JHK’s predictions at Clusterfuck Nation. $4.00 a gallon is the least of our problems.


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