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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

McCain Really is Clueless!

In the age of Youtube.com you have to wonder how McBush thinks that he can get away with saying something and then adamantly stating that he didn’t say it. Apparently he has never heard “roll the videotape.” I was just asking someone the other day after the flap over what he said about Hillary and the press, “Hasn’t he heard of Youtube?”

Well, it is worse than that.

This explains why he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t even know about it or care enough to find out and figure it out.

And I agree with Atrios:

Actually Kind of Important

I think in 2008 computer use and understanding of the internet should be part of the basic skill set we expect from people in positions of prominent public leadership. It's pretty much impossible to have any kind of understanding of how people in the modern world go about their lives and work without that. The internet is not a fad or the playground for 17 year olds.

I don't mean it's important for someone running for president to spend his/her days on Facebook or becoming immersed in all of the various internet subcultures. But how can you have any genuine sense of contemporary life unless you at least have some clue?

-Atrios 12:15

Now this isn’t an age thing. My father is older than McBush and he is a cowboy on the web. In fact he makes me look like a piker, as they say!

So, what is with McBush and why can’t he learn, or want to learn, about the intertubes?

We cannot have another 4 years of an intellectually incurious frat boy administration and that is where a St. John administration would lead us. At least Bush used email prior to his inauguration. McBush is worse than Bush!

UPDATE: Upon reflection I have to say that I cannot believe that St. John doesn’t know how to use a computer. If that is true, and not just some more bullshit that he slings and shit he has made up, I am horrified. How could he not know how to use a computer? I do know one person in their eighties which doesn’t use a computer because she is a snob and above it. But even her husband is fairly computer literate. And as I said my father is tres computer literate. So it is terrifying that someone of McBush’s position, U.S. Senator and presumed Presidential Nominee, doesn’t use a computer and needs his wife’s help to use one. This can’t be true it must be just another of his lies. What a Maverick!


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