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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Has our “Long National Nightmare” ended or just begun? Hillary gave a really wonderful concession speech on Saturday. Okay, so as many say it was four days too late but just in time to be carried by all of the Sunday Papers (largest circulation day) and talking heads day. Hopefully she is able to rally her addled supporters who vow, in their disappointment, to vote for McBush and against their interest to come on board and vote their interest by coming to Obama’s and the Dem’s side.

Now we know that race baiting (see Rev. Wright as “Scary Negro Male”) will be a part of this campaign by the Republicans. It will be either subtle or not so subtle (see Willy Horton). But, the other meme which will be and is being thrown around is red baiting. Even the disgraced and disgraceful, and hopefully soon to be discredited and convicted Felon, Tom DeLay is in on the deal.

It appears that the Republicans are re-fighting the 60’s. So, all you liberal weenies out there be prepared to be called “Commies,” “Pinkos,” and horrors for the intellectuals out there “Marxists.” After all Civil Rights from the 60’s and Universal Healthcare’s current debate are “Red,” and therefore Communist, policies. C’est vrai!

I firmly believe this is what the General Election debate will come down to. The Republicans have nothing else to run on.

Question: are the voters of the States still so incredibly stupid and low-information as to fall for it?

JMHO: Yes! Just ask Britney Spears!

It is going to be very dirty and demoralizing during this election cycle.


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