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Sunday, June 08, 2008

How Disabled Do You Have to Be?

John McCain receives a $58,000 annual Navy Disability Benefit that is 100% tax free. WTF? That is a pretty generous disability benefit for someone who is not disabled enough to be a U.S. Senator and a Presidential Nominee. Not to mention the fact that he is married to a millionaire and has at least 8 houses. This is unseemly as he is opposed to the Webb GI Bill as too generous.

When disabled Vets are having trouble getting disability benefits this is very troubling. $58,000 and tax free is a very generous benefit considering that the U.S. median income is about $42,000 before taxes.

So, how disabled is he actually? Does this explain his repeated ā€œgaffesā€ on the campaign trail?

I am not saying, Iā€™m just saying!


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