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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ah, the Spa!

Off to Saratoga for a couple of weeks. Boy, do I need this break!

Next week we have many Village People horses running. Wish us luck.

See you when I get back.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rove, Just a Player?

I am beginning to think that Rove may be a subject of the Grand Jury Inquiry, but not the target. Now, I know that there is a lot of speculation out there as to where Fitzgerald’s inquiry is going. And I have to admit I was squarely on the Rove did it bandwagon, who wouldn’t be? But I have now come to the opinion, and it seems that there are others in the blogosphere who are looking elsewhere as well, that he is just a player, albeit a central one.

I love mysteries, and just like most lawyers, I read them to get the clues and put together the evidence and figure out who done it. Well, most often I can figure it out half way through the book. But, I must read to the end to see if I am right. And, I usually am.

So, that said, I took a wild turn on Thursday when an article appeared in the WAPO in which the ever lovable, and totally credible Douglas Feith (Mr. Cherry Picker of intelligence himself) was interviewed.

The top policy adviser to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says the Bush administration erred by building its public case for war against Saddam Hussein mainly on the claim that he possessed banned weapons.

The comment by Douglas J. Feith, in an interview with The Associated Press, is a rare admission of error about Iraq by a senior administration official. Feith, who is leaving after four years as the undersecretary of defense for policy, said he remains convinced that President Bush was correct in deciding that war against Iraq was necessary.

So, why would Feith come out now and want to push back on the WMD angle on Iraq and why exactly we went to war? What is with the Mea Culpa? Okay, so we never found any WMD, but a lot of folks before the war knew that anyway, oh yes, and Ambassador Joseph Wilson would have been one of those folks.

At the very bottom this whole Plame/Rove/Breach of National Security Scandal, looking for an appropriate “gate” name, is about the WMD and why we are in Iraq, which an inordinate amount of Americans bought into.

And who pushed that rational more than anyone else: why that would be Vice President Dick Cheney!

And who is Dick’s candidate for U.N. Ambassador who worked in the State Department on WMD proliferation: why that would be Bolton. And it appears that the Senators in Bolton's confirmation hearing have presented the Whitehouse with a list of American Citizens whose communications were being monitored by Mr. Bolton at the State Department and that the Whitehouse has refused to turn over those communications.

What kind of odds can I get that Valerie Plame/Wilson’s name is on that list? And who would be in a better place to know about CIA folks working on WMD proliferation than someone tasked with the same issue at State?

Now this is all speculation, isn’t it always, but I say, and I am sure that this communication isn’t “double secret” anything, that Bolton may have told some reporter who could be expected to carry the administrations water. Shall we say a NYT’s reporter who had a history of reliably doing this, with either the memo produced by state one month prior to Ambassador Wilson’s OP-ED piece, or phone conversations after Wilson told his story on the pages of the Gray Lady.

So, like I said this is pure speculation, but the road from Cheney to Bolton to a reporter, and Rove and Libby’s willingness to confirm the allegations seem really pretty basic to me. Now I am not saying that Rove and Libby aren’t involved, they are players and Rove may have even setup the sting, but they are not the big cheese!

However, it all rests in the Grand Jury and Fitzgerald’s hands.

Cheese with that Ham Sandwich, anyone?

Oh yeah, and go read Billmon.

Great Day on Saturday!

Yesterday we had a great day at Belmont Park! There were just a few brief discussions about the goings on of NYRA’s recent “bloodbath.” And there were a few discussions of differing theories on the Rove/Plame/National Security Breach Scandal (which is now searching for a new name), but mostly it was about great Thoroughbred Racing at the most beautiful track in North America. Okay, so I am prejudiced.

I know that my two loyal readers have been dying to know about this so, here is some personal information about me and my not always obsessing about politics and the demise of what little democracy we have left in this county: I belong to a racing partnership, Castle Village Farm. Yesterday, Saturday, the 16th, we had two beautiful horses running at Beautiful Belmont Park.

In the sixth race on the card, which was an Allowance Race, for non-winners of two races other than, on the Widener Turf at a distance of a mile, we entered Willfulness who is the four year old son of Williamstown and Awareness by Affirmed. He was 12-1 on the morning line and we were hopeful that he would finish in fourth place.

Well, this fabulous gelding made quite an exciting stretch run and finished second in this eight horse race. This of course led those of us in attendance to act like fools and carry on as if he had just won a Graded Stakes Race. I am sure that all two of my loyal readers understand the phenomena of lowered expectations. What a treat!

So, while we were basking in the glow of that triumph, we had to wait for our next entry in the ninth race. Sure, there were some other great horses and races to entertain us while we waited, including the feature a Grade II Stakes race, but we were anxious about how Brave Sir Robin (don’t you love the name) was going to fare in his race. And we were hoping against hope that he wouldn’t live up to his namesake’s reputation.

As the feature ended, and I swear I can’t remember who won it, we all headed down to the Paddock to watch our beautiful three year old son of Runaway Groom and Brave Hearted by Dancing Brave saddled. The race was a Maiden Special Weight on the dirt at a distance of seven and a half furlongs and the morning line had him at 9-2. When one of our horses goes off at odds like this I am especially nervous. He had made many attempts to break his maiden (horseracing lingo is so “culturally primitive”), would this be the day?

When the Paddock Judge called “Riders Up” and Jean-Luc Samyn put his feet in the irons, the tension was as thick as the air, and it was unbelievably humid and muggy yesterday. Yes, you want to win, or at least hit the board or pickup a check, but you also want everyone to come home safe. That is the fear for every jockey and horse. And then, there is the moment of truth when they break from the gate and the race begins.

It didn’t look or sound very promising as Tom Durkin announced that “Brave Sir Robin is eight lengths behind the pack.” In fact it sounded downright discouraging. I must admit I am easily discouraged and I took my eye off the ball, or the horse as it were, for a little while. Then as they came into the stretch I noticed what I thought were our silks on a brown horse coming up to the front of the pack and five wide at that. “Is that us?” I yelled. My friend Jean screamed, “YES!”


WHEW, what a guy! We then, REALLY began acting like fools, and ran down to the Winner’s Circle, for the obligatory picture with our hero, with hugs and kisses all around. Okay, it may not have been a Graded Stakes Race, or the feature, but our boy showed us he was a racehorse, and one with heart!

In a game where approximately 50% of thoroughbreds never make it to the track, and of those who do, approximately 50% never win a race, these two races were exciting stuff. Both of our boys yesterday showed us they were racehorses, and I can’t tell you how exciting a spectacle it is to watch and experience. Some have even exaggerated and said it is better than sex. So, okay, I have to admit it is certainly better than some of the sex I have had, some, not all (the obligatory disclaimer for any of my former lovers out there.)

So, congratulations to our General Partner, Steve Zorn, and our Trainers, Bill and Pat Turner, and all the Village People!

Also, did I fail to mention that our gorgeous gray, Diligent Gambler, who is trained by Leah Gyarmati, was the winningest (I made up that word) horse in North American in 2004, and the Florida Claiming Horse of the Year?

Now it is on to Saratoga!

So, like I said, Great Day on Saturday!

Quote of the Day!

It is only 10:49 a.m. and I have my quote of the day.

While deflecting all the canards coming from Rove supporters, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, on Face the Nation this morning, said: “This is a matter of National Security: Loose Lips Sink Ships!”

Not exactly original but certainly apropos!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Rove, What a Shame!

If he isn’t hung out to dry, or as Joe Wilson, famously said, “frog marched out of the White House,” it will be a shame and a sham. This interaction with poor Scott McClellan isn’t a pretty picture. But, who thought it would be? We all knew that Karl, the Architect, was behind the whole endeavor, so why would we be surprised?

The question is now that the plan has been exposed, what will the Bush Administration do? And more importantly, what will the American Public do?????

When will the American Public figure out that this Administration could care less about National Security?!? This is just another example.

Okay, so you need to read the Billmon.