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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why Getting Libby is So Important!

Steve Gillard has a thoughtful post on why Libby is more important in some ways than Rove.

Here it is:

Friday, October 28, 2005 Why a Libby indictment is crucial:

Everyone is chomping at the bit over a Rove indictment and missing the point.

Yes, everyone would like to see that turd get his comeuppance and be frogmarched out of the White House. It would make for great theater.

But after the emotional satisfaction, what we really have is a man protecting his boss. He would have smeared you if it was to protect Bush. He wasn't plotting to run Iraq, he didn't care who ran it unless it made Bush look good. Jail would suit him fine, but he's only a part of this.

Nailing Rove doesn't nail the neocons.

I. Lewis Libby, otoh, is more important. Far more.

This is not the election, this isn't about us winning, this is about national security, and while I know a lot of people want to hammer Bush through Rove, the stakes are much higher than that. Bush is well on his way to collapse, trial or no trial.


First, Libby was part of the neocon circle. He knew all of the key players, and thus, as his boss's factorum, he was representing Cheney directly. When people from Bolton's office got Plame's name, that's who it went to.

If there was any need to get Joe Wilson, that's where it came from, Rove came in afterwards. This whole thing started with Scooter Libby and his boss, not the Oval Office.

Can anyone honestly imagine Karl Rove plotting to get us to go to war in Iraq if Cheney didn't have the idea first?

Of course not.

Which is why Libby's bound to be indicted by Fitzgerald, if he has a case against anyone.

Second, if you eventually want to get to the forgeries and the lies which led us into war, the route lies through Dick Cheney and his man Scooter and not Rove and Bush. While Bush may have wanted war, he contracted the work out to Cheney, who then went to Libby, who was obssesed with the subject.

Remember, it was Cheney leaning on the CIA for positive words, it was the neocons like Wurmser and Flietz who challenged the CIA. People who worked for John Bolton. Is Karl Rove tied to these people? No. But Scooter Libby is and so is Dick Cheney.

Word is Rove was already offered a plea and rejected it. Why? To protect Bush. The only reason to offer a plea is to entice a flip.

The thing is that Libby has a lot more to lose than Rove, and an indictment may get him to flip on other people.

Why? Libby is a lawyer and a defense against a federal prosecutor could run him a million dollars or more. A conviction for perjury would get him disbarred. Anything turned up at trial about unethical behavior could get him disbarred.

In short, Libby could face jail and barnkuptcy, regardless of a verdict.

Rove, even if he did jail time, doesn't have those worries. His evil genius will always pay.

It would be nice to leave Rove hanging, as the Times suggests, and while passing him by would be emotionally unsatisfying, it's Libby and friends who are a mortal danger to the Republic.

It was the neocons who led this country into war, with their man Cheney at the helm. Bush was an eager client, but they were the sales team, And as long as they have power, this country is in danger.

There is a reason why Cheney is called BIG DOG. If this administration is to be dealt with, Cheney is the one who has to be dealt with.

Go Get Him!


Blogger Andros said...

Interesting observations. But, you can't blame us for wanting multiple xmas gifts this year...

Of course, this is not the end of the investigation. Fitzgerald still has to find to original source of the leak, unless he thought he couldn't stick this on Libby.

At any rate, the neo-cons still have power and unless the Dems gain either the House or the Senate next year, things won't improve.

I also predict Bush will move further to the extreme because that's his base--the people who still support him. I've said this a few days ago, predicting that he'd nominate a very conservative (extremist)to SCOTUS because the bet is that he can't get the Dems & Indies back.
Plus a fight about Roe v Wade and other religious issues may again motivate his base to show up during the midterm elections.

PS>thanks for the kind remarks; hope all is well with you

5:42 PM  

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