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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bernanke and We are Fucked!

I always wondered why someone with Helicopter Ben’s credentials would take the job in the Bush Administration because many of us knew that a “Shit-storm” was approaching via the Financial Sector’s obvious malfeasance. And now it is here and his feet are being held to the fire. Bernanke isn’t stupid, in fact he is quite smart. So, that leads me to think that we are fucked. Because, if the really “smart guys” can’t get it, and don’t see what is coming, then the rest of us regular folks are really in trouble because the “smart guys” are in charge. Or, if those of us regular folks saw it coming and the “smart guys” didn’t see it coming, or chose not to talk about it, what does that say about the really “smart guys” and the system and those who run it and support it?

So here is a video about Helicopter Ben:

Thanks to Calculated Risk for the H/T! Also, you might want to read this weekend’s article in the NYT’s about Bernanke’s education.

In closing, I think that if this is the level of leadership we have in the country we are, to quote a cohort, “truly fucked.”

What is your strategy going forward?


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